Jeff Koch • electric/acoustic guitars - Jeff started playing guitar at the age of 11 because he wanted to be Slash. After working a paper route all summer to save up enough money, he purchased his first guitar from the JCPenney catalog and his fate was sealed. Born in California but raised in Iowa, his style of playing combines the roots and americana influence of his Midwestern upbringing with the melodic and pop sensibilities of his West coast origins. Jeff relocated to Portland, OR in 2003 and has been involved in with many bands and artists, including Palatine Hill, James Sasser, Garth Michael McDermott and the Fingerprints, Pilar French, Jake Oken-Berg, the Beautiful Train Wrecks, Brian Copeland, Scott Gallegos, and several more. His musical philosophy is that every note should service the song and help to find that space where a song stops being about a collection of players playing their instruments, and starts being a singular, breathing entity, a moment of emotional perfection. His other passions include watching and writing about the San Antonio Spurs, running, and eating as much ice cream as humanly possible (hence, the running). 
Portland, Oregon
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